Tax Planning and Preparation

Telephone and Fax:
(510) 834-2775



Tax Consultations:

We are available year-round for consultations. We bill at an hourly rate of $175. For example, if you have major income/expense changes, you may want a W-4 calculation for the current year.

Tax Preparation:

A minimum of $700 is charged for preparation of the federal 1040 form and one state form. Additional forms and schedules have their separate charges. New clients may fax or mail their prior year's return or a list of forms and schedules that were filed for the previous year. We will be happy to give an estimate for tax preparation based on this information.

We encourage our clients to call us before embarking upon major financial changes in order to best assess potential tax consequences. There is no charge for routine phone calls. If research, calculations or follow-up phone calls are involved, we will provide an estimate for anticipated work.